Jamal Rayyis


The world of wine is huge and gets bigger every year. Restaurants and wine shops compete to outdo one another by offering the biggest, most diverse selections possible. Without guidance even experienced wine lover can have trouble. Our guide is a map to navigate the sea of wine, giving helpful information as well as recommending specific bottles. From the thousands of bottles tasted, we chose bottles based on these criteria: quality, value and availability.









Key to Symbols


Quality   ****   Outstanding     Worth a search

                  ***    Excellent         Top-notch example

                    **    Very good       Distinctive

                      *     Good              Delicious everyday wine



Pinot Noir


Recommended Wines


1994 Kalin Cellars Pinot Noir Cuvee DD, Sonoma County  ****

dry, full-bodied, medium tannin, high acidity                                   drink now-8 years


Given the time good Pinot deserves, this gorgeous Pinot Noir shows mature flavors of tawny cherry, mushroom, leather and smoke.


One of five California Pinot Noirs rated Outstanding.