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The grape source is Lorenzo Vineyard located in western Sonoma County. The vineyard is planted with an old low-yielding, Burgundian clone of Chardonnay. The cool coastal climate, combined with limestone and shale sub-soil, results in yields of 1-1/2 to 2 tons per acre of exceptional quality fruit. The marine climate and extended growing season allow the fruit to reach full maturity, and the proper sugar/acid balance, essential for sparkling wine production.

Winemaking and Cellar Practices

The grapes were hand harvested and sorted, crushed and gently pressed. The juice was fermented for ten months in seasoned French oak barrels. The unfiltered cuvče was racked and bottled for secondary fermentation in July 1989. The cuvče was hand riddled, and disgorged in November 1997. The sparkling wine was finished without the addition of dosage (Brut Zero).


Lorenzo Vineyard produces grapes of exceptional intensity, breed and refinement – the perfect starting material for a sparkling wine of unusual complexity and character. The ability of the site to produce fruit which achieves full maturity in October, several months later than other regions used for sparkling wine production, ensures a wine of classical quality and balance. This natural equilibrium allows the wine to be finished without the addition of sugar, grape concentrate, etc. The flavors and bouquet are reminiscent of fresh sliced pears, toasted vanilla bean, sea salt and allspice. The special acidity required for the long-term development of sparkling wines adds additional structure and vitality to this Cuvče Blanche – the Sonoma fogscape captured in glass.

Notes: This sparkling wine is bottled in clear glass – protect from light and extreme temperatures. Fluorescent light can cause undesirable flavor and aroma alterations. Do not remove the protective tissue wrapping from the bottle.

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