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 The Fifth of the Stealth Cuvées!


Yes…we have been hiding more things from you!


A special Cuvée Rare bottling of 2001 Livermore Valley Sauvignon Blanc (abbreviated as Cuvee LVSB) is now available.

 The Cuvée LVSB received "Stealth Cuvee" methods including two years of sur lies barrel aging and extended bottle development. It is substantially different stylistically from other Mendocino Sauvignon Blancs that have been released previously and is easily identified by a new “Stealthy” Label.

Cuvée LVSB is from Wente Vineyards vines planted in the 1880s from Chateau d'Yquem cuttings imported by Charles Wetmore, Chief Executive of the State Viticultural Comissioners. Following the end of Prohibition, in 1935 Ernest and Herman Wente introduced California's first vintage dated, varietally labelled wine, a 1935 Sauvignon Blanc that won a Gold Medal and Grand Prize at the 1939 World’s Fair in San Francisco and created a sensation in New York when it was introduced by Frank Schoonmaker in 1940.

This Stealth Cuvée is dedicated to the “Stealthy Society of Kalinites.”




 The grape source is the Wente Estate Vineyard located near Livermore.

The vines were planted in the 1880s with  Chateau d'Yquem cuttings brought to this region by Charles Wetmore. 

The soil is thin, iron-rich clay, underlain by 20-30 feet of gravel subsoil.


Winemaking and Cellar Practices:


The grapes (80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon) were hand-picked and sorted, crushed and pressed.

The juice was fermented in French oak barrels with extensive sur lie aging.

The wine was racked, clarified by bentonite fining, and bottled without filtration.



 Few winemakers in this country have attempted to produce a "Margaux" style Sauvignon Blanc, i.e., a wine which emphasizes the floral elements of Sauvignon Blanc combined with a complexity and depth which can only be derived from grapes grown on mineral rich, gravely soils. 

Critical to the success of this type of wine is the availability of grapes whose character goes well beyond simple varietal elements.

These essential "extra-vinous" qualities are abundantly present in this wine, which typifies the more serious and classic style of Sauvignon Blanc wines ˗ a new opportunity to discover the nuances which can be achieved with this grape variety which is a graceful accompaniment to all types of  shellfish and simply prepared fish, composed salads and Southwest, Chinese, Thai, and Nuevo Latino cuisines.

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